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For Lance He Will Always Be Known As Winner Of Tour de France

Seven time winner of Tour de France, Lance Armstrong stated in an interview to Dan Patrick. He still likes to fight and argue but people do not understand him always. Such bad luck that he was stripped off all the records of the Tour de France title which he achieved in 201.

He himself confessed about the doping and the bracelet of Livestrong which he does not wear it anymore. He is completely fearless as he states about himself. It was a dark secret for him to hide which he was relieved off from his shoulders. All the pressure has been relieved and he feels clean. Armstrong consoles with Mark McGwire who also took performance enhancing drugs.

In fact Armstrong, was all praise for Mark McGwire when he stated that he had actually saved the race when the attendance was low and he does not believe in hypocrisy. Walking on the Champs- Elysees at Paris and wearing a yellow jersey is just not what he wishes for. He however, follows the tour de France of this year which Vincenzo Nibali won but he does not want to comment whether he is a greater cyclist than Greg LeMond, Tour winner three times. He also does not share a good relationship with Greg LeMond.

Once he was asked by a cab driver on how he would fare well if he performed in the tour of 2015 of Tour de France but he replied that he would not do well who is banned for life. He was seen in the show of Dan Patrick for discussing the usage of PED’s in cycling to explain about the doping in cycling. His life has altered but then he does not have regrets.

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Role Of Schleck Brothers In Tour de France

The Tour de France will see Schleck brothers Frank and Andy in the Trek Factory team. Andy has won the tournament in 2011. But the performance of the brothers has declined after 2011.

Andy is suffering from injury and Frank is well out of form but the Tour de France can witness some great riding from Frank. Andy is going to support Frank in the Tour de France. The brothers have not been able to win since 2011. In the stage of mountain climbing Frank is seen as a top contender and there are lot of expectations from him. The key for Frank is to be in good shape and form. It would have been al the more pleasant to see Andy take part in the Tour de France along with Frank.

Most are pinning their hopes on Frank and if he is capable of sustaining for few stages he should be motivated by his performance and aim to proceed with the same vigour. Though there are strong contenders who will try to compete but if Frank is able to generate a good attack then he has good chance. Even Mark Cavendish hopes to have a smooth ride in Tour de France. Success in the stages is not granted the riders have to plan down a path to be able to cover the distance quickly and with precision.

Being safe is another very important area where Frank needs to concentrate. Though polishing his tactics is equally significant and his morale can be boosted with Andy supporting him. Andy can also give some necessary tips to his brother which will help in his tactics. The tournament is a lengthy process and being successful is the key along with patience and zeal of winning the tournament.

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