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Tinkoff-Saxo Gets Nationalized

Tinkoff-Saxo has reportedly been nationalized by honorable Russian President Vladimir Putin who is also a renowned cycling fan.

Tinkoff is the squad of some of the greatest riders in cycling history including Peter Sagan & Alberto Contador.

“Tinkoff has been Russian always”, remarked the Russian President at one of his recent speeches to Russian Duma- apparently scoffing at Tinkoff’s Danish roots.

“It implies that the team has been mine always.”

The Russian President removed Tinkoff owner Oleg Tinkov a few days post Tinkov fired erstwhile general manager and Tinkoff owner Bjarne Riis. The team has been suffering a lot lately given lack of victories and according to Putin the team requires new management now to turn its fortunes around.

“2 piddly wins? Now, this isn’t enough. In fact, it’s embarrassing for Russia”, stated Putin. “I would personally make sure that Tinkoff towards triumph immediately.”

“Tinkov? Did the man ever own this squad? Does anybody own anything this way? I do not know. The only thing I know is that I am the owner of this team from now on”, Putin continued. Read more »

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Britain Loses Sprinters Who Could Make Medal Positions In The World Championship Of Cycling

Although it is very early to say that the riders of Great Britain, both male and female ar at a crisis situation but it also has to be noted that they have fallen eight places and haven’t had the slightest chances at any medal. There were however a few significant performances in the race like the ones of Katy Marchant who took on the women’s 500 meter time trial and in the men’s kilometer on Friday it was KianEmadi.

The bad outcome of the races can only signify the result of the absence of Sir Chris Hoy whose place was taken by Emadi due to his sudden departure in the spring of 2013. He held a great role in the men’s section and the other is Callum Skinner who couldn’t be selected as he couldn’t maintain the pace along with Jason Kenny and Philip Hindes. Read more »