Italian Newspaper Report Indicates That Astana Will Lose Its World Tour License For 2015

According to a report published in an Italian newspaper, Astana will not receive the licence that will allow it to compete in the World Tours of the 2015 season.

Maxim iglinsky and Valentin Iglinsky of the Astana World Tour team were found guilty of doping and three members of Astana Continental team are also found guilty of doping. UCI hasn’t confirmed yet that the team will not get World Tour licence for 2015. UCI told Licence commission to review team Astana and it will make the announcement that whether the team will lose its licence or not next week. Read more »

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The New Cycling Game Makes Training Fun

The founder of the computer game that claims to give the people a game-cum-training tool to have experience but the game is still in testing. The founder says that there are six professional teams that have promised to give them contracts of the best and the promising players.

The startup cofounder Eric Min confirmed the Telegraph about the news. They have also been promised a reality show to find new talents in rising like the X-Factor. The teams have promised spot for the winners of the talent hunt.

Zwift works for connecting the turbo trainers. Turbo trainers are the device that makes the normal bicycles stationary and also provides resistance from the back wheel rotation which lets the rider train themselves while being indoors. The user however gets an interface where they can race against complete strangers online.

The game gives the riders an advantage. The faster the rider pedals, the character speeds up accordingly and makes the race far more realistic and encouraging as a normal pedaling across the lanes outside could be a bit boring and even difficult in winter. The company not only hopes that it will be used by professionals to train but will be used in households and even in gyms.

The user can have their own personalized avatars and can also collect their awards for riding at particular speeds or to distances. The game is now being tested by 500 users and has already got some 15000 people who are prepared to get the game for a $10 monthly fee on its launch.

Min says that there are many cyclists who consider themselves very good and now have a platform to prove it. Many people are taking this game as a tool to train themselves in winter which is all right for them but what the company really works for is entertainment. Training is a very lonely experience but is doesn’t have to be so anymore.

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