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Armstrong probe to be a pricey one

UCI is ready to spend as much as 3.3 mn Swiss francs into their investigation on Lance Armstrong’s doping probe. The supreme body of cycling is reported to carry an investigation into how they oversaw the doping controls throughout Armstrong’s career.

The UCI initiated doping probe committee includes an erstwhile war-crime investigator as one of their special members.

Armstrong took the whole world by shock when he went public about his doping confessions in a popular chat show. His confession led to an UCI investigation which resulted in the stripping of 7 Tour de France titles and the defamed cycling hero was also sentenced a life ban on pro cycling.

It is the 2nd attempt from UCI regarding Armstrong’s treatment in relation to the doping allegations.

Swiss-based UCI The Agile disbanded an initial investigation commission in 2013 after its President Mr. Pat McQuid found the investigation too expensive for the committee’s resources. According to sources, in 2012 it had the total income of around 9.2 mn Swiss francs .

“We still do not really possess much detail or definition on the actual activities of this panel regarding the doping investigation. However, the sum budgeted by UCI would be thorough”, stated Steve Maxwell.  Mr. Maxwell is a management consultant from Colorado who has written papers on pro cycling.

Apart from Peter Nicolson, the war-crime investigator, the new probing commission by UCI will have Dick Marty & Ulrich Hass. While Marty is a state prosecutor from Switzerland Ulrich is a German lawyer.

The 3 investigation specialists would have complete access to the UCI files & electronic database that might be helpful for them for the investigation. UCI wants the commission to finish off its investigations by December 2014.

As per the market reports, UCI is planning to cut down the lifeban of Armstrong if he cooperates in the investigations.

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Schleck To Make A Comeback

Frank Schleck is looking to make a comeback this year after he apparently disappeared from the cycling tracks for quite some time due to a line of injuries. The general manager of Trek, Mr. Luca Guercilena told to VeloNews that it will a season full of challenges both for them and also for Frank Schleck.

Frank will be looking to get back that yellow jersey which he so loves. However there are other riders too who have trained hard for the same thing. That is why although Frank is experienced yet he will have a lot to prove this time round. Frank is well known for his riding skills and he has also been on the top of the riders list but with so many years of gap it will be a testing period for him and also for the team but everyone is confident about the fact that he will be able to top the charts once again.

Frank himself said that the crash was a major turning point in his career and the time that took for him to recover from that crash was really unexpected. It normally takes lesser time for people to recover from such crashes. But the main thing is he will be back on track from this year and his motto will be to wear thin.

When he was away for so long people also questioned about his professionalism and whether he will come back or not and be able to go back to the number one spot. He was really uncomfortable with such remarks and comments and he thinks that this year he will be able to give a good answer to all those critics. So we will see a different Frank Schleck this year with more confidence and more vigor to prove it for himself more than anything else.